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A scientific, research-driven approach to personal finance.

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As Humans, We’re Fallible.

We have too many responsibilities demanding our time. We can’t afford to think deeply about every choice we make. And we’re prone to making mistakes and irrational decisions based on our biases. But unfortunately, trying to avoid these irrational decisions often leads to financial stress and insecurity. So what if we harnessed our biases and irrationality instead of trying to fight it? That’s what we aim to do at Dime.

Join us as we create the future of personal finance.

How Dime Works

Meet your goals with real-time data, tracking and recommendations at your fingertips.

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    Manually managing finances is anxiety-inducing. We pave a path for your finances so you don’t have to check them all the time.

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    Helpful Analytics

    Gentle nudges in the right direction - Small changes add up over time. Instead of making you live paycheck to paycheck, we believe in micro-adjustments that slowly shift you towards your goals.

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    Fulfill Your Dreams

    Whether you’re creating your first budget, investing for the future, or somewhere in between, Dime monitors your money and strives to help you get where you want to be.

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Learn What Powers Dime

Discover why we're more than "another budgeting app"

Holistic Personal Finance

We look at every aspect of personal finance — from savings to spending to insurance rates and more.
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Self-Driving Finance

We’re harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to make your finances automated.
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Driven By Research

Expert minds and the latest research in finance and psychology guide us to create solutions that work.
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Iterative & Customer-led

We listen to our users then constantly build and improve to meet their needs.
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Financial Education

We strive to deliver educational content at every turn to help our users take control of their money.
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Be The First To Know When We Launch!

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Here’s why we built Dime.

Feel anxious about money? You’re not alone — about half the population has financial anxiety, especially after the numerous economic crises of the past couple of decades.

Anxiety and stress around money make it impossible to live your life how you want to.

Some blame the economy or the system but we believe a combination of better financial literacy and personal financial automation can put an end to much of our collective money uncertainties.

We built Dime for these exact reasons. Dime implements cutting edge AI and machine learning technology to create a personal finance assistant you can carry in your pocket. Dime will help you organize and manage every aspect of your money, giving you control of your financial future.

We treat your data Responsibly

We use best-in-class technology to keep all financial data private and secure.

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    Data Protection
    All our systems communicate each other using TLS(1.3) encryption and store data using AES-256 encryption with strong cipher.
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    Our Promise
    We treat your data as our own and hence believe in a transparent business model. We will never share or use your data for advertising.
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    Always Connected
    We use state of the art data storage and disaster management spread over various geographical areas. To avoid data loss at all cost.

Become An Early Dime Tester

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